General process
Reach out to me through the website, Facebook or text, so we can work together to book a time slot.
Payment for the shoot is due at the end of the session. See payment methods below.
After 2 - 4 weeks, depending on season and workload, I will deliver images for viewing and selection via Pixieset
I typically take bookings at the weekends in the morning and late afternoon, when the light is optimal. I take bookings on a first come first served basis. Be sure to commit to time slots promptly to secure the booking, especially during busy periods such as fall and Christmas.
For family shoots I shoot outdoors, I do have a studio at my home for young children, infants and individual portraits.
I have some preferred locations in the Detroit Metro servicing the tri-county area of Oakland County, Macomb County and Wayne County. In particular Royal Oak, Ferndale, Clawson, Huntington Woods, Warren, Madison Heights, Beverly Hills, Berkley, Oak Park, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Troy, Sterling Heights, Aurburn Hills, Clinton Township, Rochester Hills, Rochester, Shelby Township, Lake Orion, Waterford, Oxford, Clarkston, Farmington, Farmington Hills and more.
Some of the locations I have used in the past are; Rochester Park, Belle Isle, Stony Creek Metro Park, Heritage Park, Detroit Zoo, Beverly Hills Park, Downtown Detroit  and Royal Oak and more.
In some cases I will define a location based on the time of year, fall for example. Other times we can discuss possible locations based on the occasion and your needs and location.
Newborn shoots are offered in studio or at your home for your convenience and the comfort of your newborn.
Payment Methods
Cash, check, PayPal  and Venmo. Use to pay via PayPal or  @gingersnapsphotography for Venmo.
On the day
Please make sure you arrive promptly at the time we agree for the shoot. I often run back to back shoots, thus can't simply extend your time if late. If you are late for the shoot it may be necessary to cut short the shooting time.
hair, makeup, clothing, weather, children and naps
These are all things out of my control. Please book your hair and makeup at a time that allows you to be on time for your shoot.. 
I am happy to help with clothing do's and don'ts but ultimately your comfort is important for you to look relaxing in your pictures, So i will normally be good in directing color and print advice rather than clothing style.
Cake smash shoots are A LOT of fun, please bring with you a change of clothing and a pack of wipes if we are outdoors. I have a bathroom in my studio and you are welcome to put your child into the tub when the fun is over. 
Michigan weather is REALLY unpredictable and sometimes it can turn on us half way through the day. Unless it is raining or really miserable out, I will still continue shoot bookings as scheduled. Cloud is not a problem . Fall shoots can be chilly in the mornings, please choose outfits for children. Wind chill and kiddos can end up in tears. Keep them warm and happy for a fun picture day experience. 
Nap time can make or break your investment. Please don't disregard your child's schedule to suit the shoot time we will schedule the shoot around your child. I love well rested happiness when I capture moments of your kiddos. 
New born shoots
Welcoming your new family member into the world is the best time of your life and those memories should be captured. Those tiny toes and button noses grow way to fast for us moms. 
These sessions are LONG. I like to keep the babies comfort and happiness my first priority. I will take a break for feeds, poops, sadness or any settlement. This is the reason for the time needed to pull off those angelic sleepy posed images. Your baby needs to be content and sometimes we have to wait for this to happen. 
Please be aware that the room will be warm like outdoors in summer (80-85 degrees) so that your little person is warm without swaddling. You need to dress yourself in layers so that you are not to warm during the session. 
I provide a few snacks and drinks, if you have special dietary needs, please bring a snack along. 
It is not necessary for the whole family to stay for all 3 hrs, this can be hard for siblings and dads. I focus on those pictures first so that the rest of the family can go about their day as usual. 
I do offer two different styles of newborn photography, One being the posed images and the other being a lifestyle type session. I come to your home and spend the time taking pictures of your going about your day. Those first days with your newborn are special and great moments can be captured  just in you going through your  regular routine. I may stop you for a posed picture here and there, but these shoots are supposed to capture your life.

Ordering images and delivery
This part is the time consuming part. Sorting and editing your images is something I take great pride in. 
There is a lot of work that happens between shoot day and delivery day. 
It will take 2-4 weeks to get your images depending on the time of year and workflow. Fall and Christmas will more than likely always be 3-4 weeks.  Summer time 2- 3 weeks.
In order to deliver the best quality images to you, I appreciate your patience in this waiting time. 
I do put sneak peaks onto my facebook business page every now and again. If this is something you do not want, please let me know.

Post Production

Basic Retouching
I do basic retouching on all images before delivering your your proofs.
This involves lighting, black and white changes, removal of a tear or booger on a child's face ;) 

Detailed Retouching
I do offer detailed retouching after proof delivery.
Wrinkles, lines, waistlines you name it, I can do all that good stuff. 
In these scenarios, you tell me what you would like changed and I can do these on a per image request. 
See pricing for the cost of detailed retouching. 
Legal release documents
(coming soon)
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